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March 06 2018


Look, I know Viola Davis is an actress playing a role but if I ever needed a lawyer I would choose her and trust her with my life

December 09 2017


can’t believe we’re gonna see an actual bisexual woc played by an actual bisexual woc on a mainstream tv show like hello god in heaven i thank you for this gay bread

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November 29 2017

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How bad could it be? So bad, and I’m entertained by everything. I once went to a play!

requested by @full-santiago

October 11 2017

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Take a moment to read this so you can fully understand.

How it all started, and how we got here.

(Unfortunately, the people that could learn something by reading this likely won’t bother).

Did you know this?

Aug 14, 2016- Colin Kaepernick “sits” for the national anthem…..and no one noticed.

Aug 20th, 2016- Colin again “sits”, and again, no one noticed.

Aug 26th, 2016- Colin “sits” and this time he is met with a level of vitriol unseen against an athlete. Even the future President of the United States took shots at him while on the campaign trail. Colin went on to explain his protest had NOTHING to with the military, but he felt it hard to stand for a flag that didn’t treat people of color fairly.

Then on on Aug 30th, 2016 Nate Boyer, a former Army Green Beret turned NFL long snapper, penned an open letter to Colin in the Army Times. In it he expressed how Colin’s sitting affected him.

Then a strange thing happened. Colin was able to do what most Americans to date have not…
He listened.

In his letter, Mr. Boyer writes:
“I’m not judging you for standing up for what you believe in. It’s your inalienable right. What you are doing takes a lot of courage, and I’d be lying if I said I knew what it was like to walk around in your shoes. I’ve never had to deal with prejudice because of the color of my skin, and for me to say I can relate to what you’ve gone through is as ignorant as someone who’s never been in a combat zone telling me they understand what it’s like to go to war.
Even though my initial reaction to your protest was one of anger, I’m trying to listen to what you’re saying and why you’re doing it.”

Mr. Boyer goes on to write “There are already plenty people fighting fire with fire, and it’s just not helping anyone or anything. So I’m just going to keep listening, with an open mind. I look forward to the day you’re inspired to once again stand during our national anthem. I’ll be standing right there next to you.”

Empathy and understanding was shown by Mr. Boyer………and Mr. Kaepernick reciprocated.

Colin invited Nate to San Diego where the two had a 90 minute discussion and Nate proposed Colin kneel instead of sit.

But why kneel? In a military funeral, after the flag is taken off the casket of the fallen military member, it is smartly folded 13 times and then presented to the parents, spouse or child of the fallen member by a fellow service member while KNEELING. The two decided that kneeling for the flag would symbolize his reverence for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice while still allowing Colin to peacefully protest the injustices he saw.

Empathy, not zealotry under the guise of patriotism, is the only way meaningful discussion can be had. Mr. Kaepernick listened to all of you that say he disrespects the military and extended an olive branch to find a peace.

When will America listen to him?

We can all learn from this backstory. The truth often lies in the middle. Seek to learn the opposing side’s point.


It’s just manufactured anti-Black outrage to say he’s disrespecting anybody.

May 16 2017


I think being in Paris for an extended amount of time makes me realize how racist the idea of tourism and traveling really is. I can’t speak for the Middle East wholly but I can say most people refuse to go to Iran because it’s “dirty,” the people are “mean,” “they hate Americans,” there’s so much crime, etc. etc. 

Literally all of that can be said about Paris but people kill themselves to come to this city, and they excuse all of the inconvenience, the dirtiness (probably one of the dirtiest and most polluted cities I’ve ever seen tbh), the rudeness, the pickpocketing rates, and continue with their romanticism.

Both places obviously carry their own beauty and their own flaws, but it’s ridiculous how many excuses we’re able to make for Europe and how many justifications we have to make for literally anywhere else

May 11 2017

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And yeah, things might change a little but for the better, right?

Look, you can’t be afraid to be successful. You’re too good for that.

Catching up on B99 and legitimately floored by the racial profiling/police ep. I mean JESUS.

May 10 2017

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imagine having foreign relations like this.






Moana is is the reverse of the Little Mermaid

  • little mermaid: ocean princess wants to go to the land
  • moana: land princess wants to go to the ocean
  • little mermaid: big scary ocean lady is the enemy
  • moana: big scary land lady is actually a friend
  • little mermaid: villain has a necklace of magical importance
  • moana: hero has a necklace of magical importance
  • little mermaid: small good crab
  • moana: large bad crab

Little mermaid: man sings a song about eating a crab.
Moana: crab sings a song about eating a man.

Little Mermaid: Sings about enjoying life with different people and wanting to join them.

Moana: Sings about enjoying life with her people and staying put.

Little Mermaid: Sings about getting out of the sea.

Moana: Sings about getting into the sea.

Little Mermaid: Is destined to rule her own kingdom… but takes herself far away.

Moana: Is destined to rule her own kingdom… but takes her kingdom far away.

Little Mermaid: Sings on a rock.

Moana: The Rock sings to her.

reblogging for “The Rock Sings to Her”

Little Mermaid: Protagonist is a naive, immature 16-year-old voiced by a grown woman.

Moana: Protagonist is a mature, savvy 16-year-old voiced by a young teenager.

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I’m so mad because this worked

help me roger

Reblogging myself because

Originally posted by gifs-for-the-masses

Reblogging myself because… what was that? Five minutes?


………my friend has made me curious

help me roger

Update: after I reblogged this someone messaged me offering me tickets to the sold out Hausu screening with a Q&A and autograph session with the director

let’s do it, roger

Roger helppppp

I need you Roger!

April 28 2017




Abusive men pave the way for lazy men to get wives and girlfirends.

Lemme clarify, how many times have you heard your overworked female friends and relatives say “Yeah, Jerry drinks beer every evening after work while I cook dinner and clean up after everyone and does the bare minimum to help me raise the kids but he’s such a nice guy. He’s never beat me in my life. I couldn’t ask for a better guy in my life.”

Like no, Sally, your husband is a common stone among turds and you know it.

I try to explain this conceptually to people as a thing that happens not saying that this is good but it’s a thing that happens.

April 26 2017


it’s exhausting to keep seeing people talk about marvel’s hydra problem as an issue of them just being tone-deaf or obtuse or clueless, this “boys will be boys” mild eyeroll attitude to the entire conversation that so vastly downplays just how fucking evil these people are

do you honestly think that the CEO of marvel who is an outspoken trump supporter and pumped millions of money into the trump campaign doesn’t know what he’s doing by pushing the nazi faction into the limelight of his comics?

turning captain america, the literal symbol for american nationalism and patriotism, into a supporter of hydra and therefore a nazi, is not a writing accident. it is deliberate.

their latest little ~fuck up~ of asking comic stores to re-brand their stores and work uniforms with hydra logos, is not just a PR gaffe. it’s deliberate.

their continuous campaign to make nazis into a faction readers are supposed to find exciting, supposed to align themselves with, supposed to wear on their shirts like a uniform, is not an accident in the kind of political climate we’re in right now. it’s deliberate.

i don’t care that hydra is fictional, this isn’t like the empire in star wars or w/e where it’s just about some sort of vague fascism aesthetic. hydra were always explicitly n a z i s, since their very conception, have always been called nazis by marvel, have always stood for nazi values. and now marvel is trying to make them cool again. and it’s not a fucking accident.

stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. stop talking about this like it’s something that can be fixed with civil conversation and a stern finger wagging.

nazis and anyone who defends them don’t deserve that much consideration from anybody. just, yknow, a friendly psa from your neighbourhood romani jew.

March 28 2017

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I was not expecting that last one

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The full confirmed cast of BLACK PANTHER





How is this an amazing cast? There are literally only two actors out of this entire cast that are actually great actors, I have never even heard of the rest of these people.

I feel like you are only saying “Its an amazing cast” Because there are so few white people.

Angela Basset: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, with enough award nominations/wins to necessitate her own wikipedia page for awards alone. 
Lupita Nyong’o: Academy Award winner.
Chadwick Boseman: Joseph Jefferson Award nominee; already showed his stripes as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War.
Sterling K. Brown: Emmy Award Winner for The People Vs. OJ Simpson and actor in the Golden Globe nominated television show This Is Us
Florence Kasumba: Already had a bit part in Captain America: Civil War; was praised by many critics for her one scene being a scene-stealer
Forest Whitaker:  Academy Award for Best Actor
African-American Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
BET Award for Best Actor
Black Reel Award for Best Actor
Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor
Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama
Hollywood Film Award for Actor of the Year
Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor
London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Actor of the Year
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
National Board of Review Award for Best Actor
National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor
New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor
Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor
Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture
Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association for Best Actor
Nominated – BIFA Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film
Nominated – Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
2nd Place – Awards Circuit Community Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

^ that’s all from a single movie.
Danai Gurira: Tony-award winning writer, plays Michonne on The Walking Dead, one of the most popular series out there today
Michael J. Jordan: Featured actor in popular shows like Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and Parenthood in addition to frequent appearances on film.
Daniel Kaluuya: The star of Get Out, which currently boasts a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been in the press pretty much constantly upon release.  He was also featured in an episode of the acclaimed series Black Mirror. 
John Kani: An actor, playwright and director; while he hasn’t had as much work in America, he’s prolific enough to have a theatre in Newtown Johannesberg named after him.

Winston Duke and Letitia Wright have fewer credits to their names (the former has a consistent role in the well-received Person of Interest; the latter has been cast in Black Panther and Ready Player One in what is hopefully the beginnings of a bright career), but I don’t mean to belittle their successes by leaving them out, and those who aren’t as well known SHOULD be given a chance by big franchises.  Lesser known names tend to get big after starring in Marvel movies.  I sure as hell didn’t know who Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth were prior to their flagship titles.

But even putting aside how important it is that this film is led by black creators, just because you don’t know these people doesn’t mean that they’re not critically acclaimed in their field, who haven’t put in the work.  They have, and they’ve been recognized for it.  Consider checking out some of their work before you decide whether or not only two of them are great actors. 

They don’t get out much, do they? This cast is going to be epic.

Imagine being that fucking racist you forget Lupita and Forrest have Academy Awards

^^^^^ Riiight. 

Oh no there is only two white people in this movie. How dare they, no more mediocre white acting. 




The White Death Note thing on netflix has me so worried

I mean. You realize you’re literally making a movie about a white boy “cleansing” american prisons right. You realize what the american prison system is right. You do realize your country already has enough problems with “lonely” white boys who think they can get away with murder without punishment for being white right.

You can’t grab a story like that and completely change the context without it turning into a huge fucking mess

Its downright ugly. There are nuances within the story that simply CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be whitewashed. Then to have a white boy play judge, jury and executioner at his own whim is a dangerous image to see glorified, no matter how the story ends.

To all those rolling their eyes or throwing up their hands about people blowing things out of proportion, educate yourselves. Making an westernised, whitewashed version of Death Note doesn’t happen in some magical utopia, its not without reason that people are troubled. Some random white boy with the power to thin out the American prison population is disgusting.

There are no tropes being cleverly subverted here. This is saying 1) we think Japanese people are such non-entitites we’re going to erase them from their own narratives 2) Set it in america because to hell with Japan and its culture relevance to the overall story 3) Non-white characters arent relatable, everyone can relate to a “lone-wolf” white boy who kill indiscriminately 4) Everyone hates prisoners, we’ll just have random white dude excute who he see fit 5) fuck the moral ramifications of a white boy lording power over a American slave institution consisting mainly black/brown people who he can kill at will

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Creators don’t get to babble about staying close to source material while whitewashing. Ignoring how significant the origin culture is in the source material. Then ploping in into another country so rooted in racism without even looking at the how that impacts the story. Nope, its irresponsible. Look if i wanted to see white boys get away with murder, I’d just watch the news.

Personally i hope this dies a death like Iron Fist.


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Don’t be scared. I’m a shapeshifter too!


dont catch feelings you’ll die

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whoop there it is.

What comic is this?

For those asking, this is from Ms Marvel (2016) #15

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